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Release Notes

ID Lock Updater app – version 1.4.1 for Android and iOS (08.04.2024)
  • Minor bug fix related to BLE scanning.
  • Added support for 202 Multi.
ID Lock Updater app – version 1.4 for Android and iOS (03.04.2024)
  • Core update.
  • Added support for 202 Multi.
  • Updated UI.
  • Easier update process.
Firmware version 1.5.9 (25.05.2021)
  • Improved autolock and sensor latch logic
  • Security update
ID Lock 150 Updater app – version 1.3.1 for Android (12.04.2021)
  • Fixes a bug related to BLE on Android 10 devices.
ID Lock 150 Updater app – version 1.3 (04.12.2020)
  • Bugfixes
  • Core update
Firmware version 1.5.7 (30.11.2020)
Improved functionality
      • Added menu option to activare or deactivate lock while open.
        • When deactivated the ID Lock will no longer lock while open, when one touches the panel or when sending lock command from Z-Wave.
        • To activate or deactivate do the following [key button 2-3 seconds, master pin, *, 2,*, 8, 3].
        • By factory default lock from panel while open is activated.
        • This setting will not disable lock from the panel while the door is closed.
      • Increased the time from touching the panel to the door locking while the door is open.
      • Changed led and sound when the door is locked from the panel while open.
      • When 23hr battery timer has expired, and ID Lock has low battery and is in closed/unlocked, the lock will now lock automatically.
        • If the conditions are met the lock will play «twinkle twinkle» to indicate low battery and lock.
  • The lock will now stay awake up to 5 minutes after Z-Wave inclusion is started from the lock.
  • When lock while open is deactivated, Z-Wave lock will no longer lock the door if open, see how to activate or deactivate this in the description above.
  • Fixes a bug related to master pin mode.

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