Versjonshistorikk 202 Multi

Release Notes

ID Lock Updater app – version 1.4.1 for Android and iOS (08.04.2024)
  • Minor bug fix related to BLE scanning.
  • Support for 202 Multi and 150.
Firmware version 1.0.4 (03.04.2024)
  • Improved status update on sensor latch.
  • Fixed a bug causing User PINs not able to be created or changed in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug causing the lock state not to change if gateway relies on Command Class Notification.
  • Original release
ID Lock Updater app – version 1.4 for Android and iOS
  • Core update.
  • Added support for 202 Multi.
  • Updated UI.
  • Easier update process.
Firmware version 1.0.1 (30.11.2022)
Original release
  • New release of ID Lock 202 Multi