Release Notes 2019

Firmware version 1.5.0 (03.12.2019)

Improved functionality

  • Added function for setting the hinge direction automatically at start and from menu (lock and unlock when batteries are inserted).
  • Changed menu so that menu option 7 in settings menu (2) now starts automatic hinge direction and menu option 9 toggles the hinge direction.
  • Menu available from outside when door is locked, press [*] before Master PIN for access.


  • Removed battery report at power up, a lock/unlock is now required to get the correct battery status at power up.
  • Added notification and user code report for service pin and configuration report for service pin mode when service pin expires.


  • Fixed a bug related to available keys in the service pin menu.
  • Fixed a bug related to number of uses for service pin when lock has unsuccessful unlock and away mode is activated.
  • Fixed a bug related to door status (red flashes in LEDs when activating panel) in the outside panel.
  • Fixed a bug causing high power consumption when using Z-Wave Module when there is poor network coverage.

Firmware version 1.4.9 (23.08.2019)

Improved functionality

  • Added service pin submenu to access menu.
  • Added functionality and menu option for deactivating RFID unlock and menus
  • Added functionality and menu option for deactivating Master PIN unlock.
  • Added functionality and menu option for deactivating Service PIN unlock and menus.
  • Changed visual notification for lock/unlock jammed. * and # symbol flashes red.

Z-Wave: General changes in lock

  • Added door lock operation report when lock enters low power mode.
  • Added functionality for sending daily battery status.
  • Added functionality for OTA, disabling after 4hrs.
  • Z-Wave: Changes for Z-Wave firmware 1.6
  • See Z-Wave release notes below.


  • Fixed a bug related to Update mode start.
  • Fixed a bug related to wrong credentials timer.

Z-Wave firmware 1.6

  • Changed how ID lock 150 handles configuration parameter 2 “RFID Registration mode”.
  • Added configuration report for Door audio volume (configuration parameter 4) and service pin mode (configuration parameter 7)
  • Added values 0x07 “always mode” and 0xFE “disable mode” to configuration parameter 7 service pin mode.
  • Changed configuration parameter 8 “Updater mode” and 9 “Master PIN mode”.
  • Added several new notification events for “Access Control” (0x06). Notifications for different lock types, add and delet credentials and lock jammed alarm added.
  • Moved remote unlock from “keypad unlock operation” with identifier 0x00, to “RF unlock operation” with identifier 0x00.
  • Changed Z-Wave identifiers for Master PIN, Service PIN, User PINs and RFID.
  • Bugfixes related to CC battery.
  • Bugfix related to CC Version.

Firmware Version 1.1.7 (19.06.19)

App (Version 1.2)

  • App ready for 64 bit devices.

Z-wave bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug related to amount of notifications sent when unlocked/locked from z-wave.

General bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug when inserting batteries, or by manual locking, if door is not closed deadbolt will now remain locked.
  • Fixed a bug related to duplicate PINs.
  • Fixed a bug on keybutton when alarm is activated while door is locked and closed.
  • Fixed a bug related to update mode while low battery.

Firmware Version 1.1.5 (29.04.19)

App (Version 1.1)

  • Fixed a bug in app causing eternal spin on 0%
  • Added version number lock/cloud
  • Improved error handling

Z-Wave Bugfix

  • Fixed a bug related to door lock status for remote lock/unlock, correct state is now sent before entering low power mode
  • Fixed a bug related to high power consumption when lock is spammed with traffic from Z-wave network
  • Fixed a bug in low level battery report
  • Fixed several bugs related to Z-wave module/lock communication

General bugfix

  • Fixed several bugs causing high power consumption
  • Fixed a bug causing alarm when using Z-wave unlock
  • Fixed a bug on service PIN (was previously possible to have service PIN set to same PIN as a user PIN)
  • Fixed a bug on RFID (was previously possible to add the same RFID to different indexes)
  • Fixed a bug related to outside panel and away mode activation
  • Fixed a bug related to the O/C button when alarm is triggered
  • Fixed a bug related to update mode, update mode is now turned off when unlocking door
  • Improved functionality
  • Improved locking timers
  • Improved battery graph