Release Notes

Firmware Version 1.1.7 (19.06.19)

Z-wave bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug related to amount of notifications sent when unlocked/locked from z-wave.

General bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug when inserting batteries, or by manual locking, if door is not closed deadbolt will now remain locked.
  • Fixed a bug related to duplicate PINs.
  • Fixed a bug on keybutton when alarm is activated while door is locked and closed.
  • Fixed a bug related to update mode while low battery.

Firmware Version 1.1.5 (29.04.19)


  • Fixed a bug in app causing eternal spin on 0%
  • Added version number lock/cloud
  • Improved error handling

Z-Wave Bugfix

  • Fixed a bug related to door lock status for remote lock/unlock, correct state is now sent before entering low power mode
  • Fixed a bug related to high power consumption when lock is spammed with traffic from Z-wave network
  • Fixed a bug in low level battery report
  • Fixed several bugs related to Z-wave module/lock communication

General bugfix

  • Fixed several bugs causing high power consumption
  • Fixed a bug causing alarm when using Z-wave unlock
  • Fixed a bug on service PIN (was previously possible to have service PIN set to same PIN as a user PIN)
  • Fixed a bug on RFID (was previously possible to add the same RFID to different indexes)
  • Fixed a bug related to outside panel and away mode activation
  • Fixed a bug related to the O/C button when alarm is triggered
  • Fixed a bug related to update mode, update mode is now turned off when unlocking door

Improved functionality

  • Improved locking timers
  • Improved battery graph

Firmware Version 1.0.6 (18.10.2018)

General bugfix

  • Fixed a bug preventing local entry of user PIN index 10 and 20

Firmware Version 1.0.5 (16.10.2018)

Z-Wave Bugfix

  • Fixed a bug causing poor connectivity when in a mesh network
  • Fixed a bug that could cause high power consumption

Improved functionality

  • Deactivated keys in menu when registering RFID. [*] and [#] keys still active
  • Added support for 25 user codes
  • Added support for 25 RFID
  • Added support for two digit index when adding user codes and RFID

General bugfix

  • Fixed a bug where empty RFID indexes could be added
  • Fixed a bug where menu couldn’t be entered due to deadbolt status. Open door still required.

Firmware Version  1.0.2 (15.08.2018)

Improved Z-wave functionality

  • Fixed a bug reporting low battery
  • Fixed a bug on reporting which user code was used

General bugfix

  • Added relock

Firmware Version 1.0.1 (11.07.2018)

General bugfix

  • Removed relock

Firmware Version 1.0.0 (15.01.2018 )

  • ID Lock 150 Release